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Member Communication

Created new communication tools on These tools allows users to contact fitness professionals in a variety of ways including sending a private e-mail, posting a comment or asking a question on the fitness professional's profile. The fitness professional can then login to his or her account on and retrieve all their contacts. The fitness professional can then reply to private messages or post an answer to the user's question (all messages can be approved by the fitness professional prior to posting). These tools were creating using Visual Studio .NET and written in ASP.NET and C#. The communication tools utilize the YUI framework and performs AJAX calls during form submission.


Created an e-newsletter distributed to clients, members and others interested in The e-newsletter is a web application developed in .NET that utilizes masterpages, user controls and other ASP.NET functions along with pulling data from a SQL Server database in order to generate the newsletter's content. The rendered clientside source code is XHTML compliant and can be used with e-mail marketing software. uses for its e-mail marketing solutions and this newsletter serves as a direct e-mail marketing campaign that it sent only to interested users.

Widget as a Service

Created a widget to allow our partners to search for their members from their own website. The widget is "streamed" from to the website with the widget via Javascript. This allows the widget to be updatable by and doesn't require the website to make any code modifications. Overall, the technique allows the widget to be portable and placed on a website no matter what the platform with only a couple lines of code. In addition, the widget distribution network Gigya is used to allow users to easily share the widget across the web for free and gives widget developers statistics on how many times the widget was installed, widget views and more.

Picture Carousel

Developed a carousel component that displays a list of featured professionals and facilities (HTML LI elements within a UL for SEO) that is displayed horizontally on the homepage of The content can be scrolled back and forth with animate. The content references list items that be created dynamically by allowing the site owner to pick and choose which members to showcase using a CMS tool The front-end code of carousel is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript and utilizes the YUI framework. The back-end code was created in Visual Studio .NET and written in C# and ASP.NET. The CMS tool is GUI that saves records to a MS-SQL Server 2005 database.

SEO Friendly URLs

Implemented friendly and extensionless URLs for registered members of Each user has their own unique URL that allows someone to access their profile with an easy to read / remember web address (ex. This is also a SEO technique that helps search engines index the member's profile which then increases the chances of a member's profile being returned in a search engine's search results. Behind the scenes, the friendly URL is parsed using a custom HTTP module written in C# using Visual Studio.NET. The module also handles 301 redirect that tells search engines that the friendly url is the permanent location for the member's profile.

Created a XML sitemap for that lists all active links on the site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site. has thousands of unique member profile links so an application was developed in .NET that queried the database that stores all the member usernames and returned a dynamically generated 0.84 XML file. The file is then submitted to search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Fitness Store

Implemented a shopping cart on The shopping cart was purchased from AbleCommerce and is integrated with the existing web site. This included configuring IIS and creating a new SQL Server 2005 database. The shopping cart is written in .NET and comes with an API so features of the shopping cart can be accessed easily.