Last 10K Portfolio

Discover, read and share financial statements filed by publicly-traded companies

Real-time SEC Filings

The latest SEC filings web page displays a real-time listing of the latest 10-K annual and 10-Q quarterly reports filed to the SEC by publicly traded companies. On average, there are just over a hundred 10-K and 10-Q filings daily along with amendments to these reports. Users can also subscribe to the RSS feed so they may incorporate this information into their favorite news application.

10-K Annual and 10-Q Quarterly Reports

Users can view 10 years worth of 10-K annual reports for a publicly traded company in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of a company's audited financials, risks over the years and much more. also provides the most recent 10-Q quarterly reports in order to keep up-to-date with a company's financial progress throughout a calendar year. Users can also subscribe to the RSS feed for a specific company in order to be instantly notified when that company submits a new 10-K or 10-Q report to the SEC.

Financial Statements in Excel

Users can download a Microsoft Excel version of 10-K Annual and 10-Q Quarterly reports for free that contains detailed financial information including the balance sheet, income, cash flow numbers and more.

Over-the-Stock (OTC) / Penny Stocks

There are quite a few OTCs that file 10-K and 10-Q reports with the SEC. These companies and their respective reports are available to view on These companies do not trade on a major exchange and may be under financial strain and near bankruptcy so notifies users researching these companies.

Company Comparison

If you are interested in researching multiple companies, allows a user to add multiple companies to their web page so they can compare and contrast filings across multiple companies easily all in one browser window. All new requests are fetched asynchronously so the user never has to loose their place while reading a report.


Companies can file changes to their 10-K and 10-Q reports that have already been submitted to the SEC. will highlight these admendments to ensure users are aware the reports they are viewing have been altered.


Users looking for specific company reports but do not know the company's ticker symbol can lookup reports by entering the name of the company and selected from an auto-populated dropdown list. The auto-complete feature is implemented via jQuery UI and asynchronously calls a 3rd party provider to retrieve company names so users get instantaneous results while typing.

Stock Quotes pulls real-time stock market data so users can compare aggregate values with individual values in a report. This includes key criteria such as last trade price, volume, earnings per share, PEG / Short / PE ratios, market capitalization, book value and EBITDA.