American Loan Origination Portfolio

American Loan Origination

Direct lending mortgage banker's website.

Mortgage Calculators

Several mortgage calculators were developed using client-side javascript for ALO. These calculators include complex equations and algorithms to calculate various mortgage numbers including PMI, loan and refinance information.

Online Application

Interested mortgage applicants may fill out an online form and have their imformation submitted to an ALO representative. The form data is saved to an MS-Access database. The ALO representative may then access this information using MS-Access. This database was chosen as the data store primarly due to costs and its usability ease.

Shared SSL

All form submissions for ALO occur using shared SSL. Shared SSL is a way to use an SSL certificate without actually buying one. This still provides 128-bit encryption with secure web connections because it uses the hosting provider's SSL certificate. As a result, ALO was able to save almost a thousand dollars a year because we were successful in implementing shared SSL and ALO did not have to purchase their own certificate.