Services offered by Amar

The services I offer are of a unique nature that are derived from my education and work experiences. If you are interested in obtaining any of these services or have questions about any additional services, contact me.

eCommerce Implications for the Enterprise

  • Business process analysis – medium level
  • E-commerce business model analyses (buy side, sell side, market, etc.)
  • Decide on appropriate e-commerce application high-level functionality
  • Conduct business case analysis for an e-commerce initiative (including implications relative to strategy, people, processes, financial, etc.)

Enterprise Information Flow

  • Business process analysis – low/detailed level
  • Focus on a specific set of sales processes, to investigate what can be automated via e-business technologies (“bittability”)
  • Builds skills in information strategy planning and information analysis

Network Infrastructure

  • Evaluation of ASPs to determine the best vendor given the business needs of the enterprise
  • Detailed analyses in areas such as network performance, security infrastructure, disaster recovery, support services, etc.

Network Security

  • Evaluating risks relative to information security
  • Building an information security plan for the enterprise

Search Engines

  • Analyses of search optimization techniques
  • Actual implementation of changes/modifications to an eCommerce site to yield optimum search visibility

Contexual Design

  • Observing prospective users’ activities and behaviors when performing tasks on competitor websites, with the goal of defining usability requirements for the to-be system
  • Development of Flow, Cultural, and Sequence diagrams to model the output of contextual inquiry observations

Requirements Elicitation and Analysis

  • Defining the scope of the system, choosing an elicitation approach/methodology, constructing questionnaires, identifying appropriate stakeholders
  • Produce system requirements and specifications and user requirements documentation.
  • Representing requirements using UML modeling techniques

User Interface Design and Testing

  • Building a static HTML mock-up based on latest thought leadership relative to web-based user interface design techniques
  • Performing heuristic analysis (based on usability factors – e.g. ease-of-use, look-and-feel, and navigation)
  • Testing of usability of the developed user interfaces with prospective users

System Database Design

  • Design and build a logical database based on the output from requirements analysis
  • Create class, sequence and package diagrams for the system depicting domain objects, business logic packages, database packages, user interfaces (UI) and use case scenarios
  • SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL

Web Application Development

  • Building a website using J2EE or Microsoft software with database technologies
  • Develop a server-side application that meets the requirements of the user

XML Development

  • Implementing XML as middleware for a website
  • Design DTDs/schemas as well as the XSL for presentation to the customer


  • Determine appropriate payment process and mechanisms for specific transaction-types
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of different pay systems as they relate to the products offered and type of business
  • Evaluate security options available in different e-payment systems
  • PayPal, Google Checkout, online credit card processing (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)

Mobile Commerce

  • New business model generations by exploiting new emerging mobile technologies
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable partners in the evolving m-commerce value chain
  • Assessing design issues in m-commerce


  • Analysis of different existing negotiation mechanisms under the framework of Bidding language, Negotiation process, Pricing rules with winner determination

Data Mining

  • Business benefit / ROI from the data
  • Identify what sources and what data can be collected for business intelligence purposes like clickstream data, weblogs, customer records, credit companies, etc.
  • Planning to build collection of relevant data into the process
  • Evaluating effectiveness of Ecommerce sites
  • Embedding into a business model