Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company Portfolio

Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company

Leading independent fund of hedge funds investment firm managing over 11 billion in assets

Web Services

Oversaw development of SOAP web services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to allow applications developed outside of Risk group to interface with Security Master in order to run analytics on manager-held securities and load security data into audit tool to establish regulatory transparency.

Municipal Bond Schedule Data Loader

Created a process that parses complex Municipal Bond schedule data obtained from Bloomberg and saves the results to the Risk database using a table schema developed by a 3rd party company. Prior to this process, we did not have a way to read this kind of data into the database which prevented Risk from doing any further analysis on these security types.

Flagsheet Report

Managed the development of the new Flagsheet report and limit value editor by working with full-time and part-time Risk developers. The new report runs faster and is easier to change as all calculations are now done in stored procedures and functions within SQL as opposed to all within the report. The report includes new functionality such as highlighting cell values based on limit values that can be edited by a user using a web-based tool. Prior to this, users would not always use the Flagsheet report as it lacked the functionality they were accustomed to in MS-Excel. Having all users obtain their Flagsheet data from the same source will bring uniformity to the Risk Reports they produce.

SDLC using Agile SCRUM

Introduced concepts of the Agile SCRUM software development process where the Risk Data team meets on a daily basis to discuss tasks performed the previous day, current day and any impediments to their work along with monthly meetings do discuss current and upcoming projects. In addition, a team project was created in the new source control system (TFS) that allows Risk Data members to track projects, bugs and code changes.

Web Portal

Created a new web portal environment where all Risk Data applications and reports can be accessed by portfolio managers with easy to remember links. The web portal utilizes a new codebase that allows multiple web applications to share code which promotes code reusability and allows for easier maintenance of code in one location.

Reporting Services

Migrated all Risk Data reports from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. The new version offers much more functionality in report development and allows the developers to incorporate 3rd-party graphing tools into the reports. In addition, the reports are all contained within source control and one or more reports can be deployed with one-click. Prior to this, all the reports resided on the server where developers would have to manually download the report, make modifications as necessary, and manually deploy the report back to the server without any source control management.

Source Control Implementation

Collaborated with IT in the implementation of a company-wide source control versioning system. The new system (Microsoft Team Foundation Server) allowed me to create a new repository for the Risk Data team to safely store source code for reports and applications. In addition, the repository allows us to manage projects, track bugs and assign tasks to individual team members.

Development Environment Setup

Setup and configured a development environment for Risk that allows developers to test SQL code, reporting services and web applications prior to deploying them to users. Prior to this setup, developers would test on the live production database which interferes with users accessing reports and applications and does not allow developers to properly test changes.