Advantage Sales & Marketing Portfolio

Advantage Sales and Marketing

Largest U.S. consumer packaged goods retail merchandising agency servicing over 1,200 clients

Class Library

Developed a middle-tier framework in C# that allows applications to utilize common components including strongly-typed configuration used to guarantee the runtime behavior of a program before program execution, ADP data access to obtain employee data using LINQ that gives native data querying capabilities and domain objects that encapsulates all of the data and business behavior associated with the entity that it represents. The framework was designed in a reusable and accessible manner that draws from one assembly so changes made to the class library can be done in one place and then propagated easily.

Prepaid Card Processing

ASM is hiring new employees that require them to spend money on food and supplies for their demonstrations at our customers. In order to monitor and facilitate the spending behaviors, a series of new processes were created to interact with a 3rd party company (Comdata) in order to allow associates to use credit cards for the spending needs. These new processes analyze ASM existing PTS database and automates the process of requesting new credit cards from Comdata, updating these credit cards with dollar limit values and changing the status of a credit card in the event of fraud, being stolen or lost.

ETL Development

Worked diligently with DBAs to test and deploy SSIS packages used in prepaid card processing. Includes utilizing Visual Studio SSIS template created by DBAs to ensure package uniformity, storing SSIS package variables within SQL database created by DBAs to allow packages to be configured easily with different values per runtime environment and debugging in live environment under DBA supervision for troubleshooting purposes. Also worked with other Network Engineering team members to establish file shares and FTP scheduling in order to facilitate processing of request and response files with Comdata.

Test Documentation

Wrote a comprehensive test plan that documents the testing strategy for SSIS Packages. This included writing functional test cases that defined test objectives, techniques, completion criteria and special considerations. The test plan satisfied the requirements of ASM change management process for inscope applications and adheres to SOX compliances.


Wrote thorough documentation by creating a Wiki on SharePoint so all team members can view how to use the class library in their applications in addition to updating the documentation by using the Wiki editing features. Documentation includes UML class diagrams showing available objects with their public methods and properties, UML sequence diagrams depicting messaging between classes, Auto Generated API documentation, Sample Code and Unit Tests coverage.