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Olofson Technology Partners

IQ7 is new cloud-based software application for the highly specialized requirements of Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees


Oversaw the development of IQ7's front-end, API and database banking modules which allows trustees to enter and modify a variety of complex transaction types including:

  • Deposits with Corrected Adjustments
  • Bank Service Charges
  • Bank Service Charge Refunds
  • Real Estate Adjustments
  • Checks (Disbursements)
  • Split Checks
  • Checks with Interest
  • Negative Receipts
  • Deposit Correcting Checks with Offset
  • Deposits
  • Split Deposits
  • Incoming Wires
  • Gross / Net Deposits for Real Estate
  • Gross / Net Deposits for Hand Money
  • Negative Disbursement Deposit
  • Negative Disbursement Deposit with Interest
  • Interest-Only Deposits
  • Interest Reductions
  • Service Charges
  • Service Charge Refunds
  • Bank Transfers
  • Reversals

Remote / Distributed Team

Built distributed development team by hiring top ReactJS and Java engineers exclusively from Toptal. Developers were located in Brazil and Germany and used Slack, JIRA and BitBucket as primary tools of communication and collaboration.

Offline-First Technology

Developed offline‚Äźfirst SPA with ReactJS, Redux, PouchDB and web sockets that allows trustees to capture judge requirements in courtrooms without internet connectivity and sync automatically when a network is available.