Melanie Andrews Portfolio

Melanie Andrews

Actor, Narrator, Spokesperson and Model

Demo Reel

In order to display footage of Melanie's acting, DVD files were converted to the FLV format. The Demo Reel web page was then created that displays the video footage via Flash animation. The result is streaming video that plays is a user's web browser in a seemless fashion. No downloads or plugins are needed (other than Macromedia / Adobe Flash of course) and is viewable on a Mac or PC. The page utilizes JavaScript that enables playback of the videos without page refreshes and highlights the video currently playing.


In order to keep Melanie's portfolio updated, a web page was constructed that renders a slideshow from her PhotoBucket account. This approach allows Melanie to update the photos in the portfolio without touching any web code. The portfolio web page was written in HTML and utilizes JavaScript to render the different slideshows Melanie created.