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The navigation for Pure Escape is controlled by a DHTML menu. Due to complex DHTML cross-browser compatibility issues, we choose to use Sothink's DHTML menu builder to develop the DHTML menus for this website. This program was installed on our local systems as a Macromedia Dreamweaver extension. This allowed us to easily integrate the DHTML menu into the website seamlessly. The program is very versatile and allowed us to customize the menu to conform to the website's look and feel.

Online Form Submittal

Pure Escape allows a user to enter information to receive their company newsletter that contains the latest pricing information. The recieve the newsletter, a form was created that captures the user's delivery information. That information is then saved to an MS-Access database so the company owner may view that information at a later time. In addition, this form utilizes a shared-ssl configuration. This allows for safe and secure 128-bit encryption for data being submitted. The service was integrated into the website that saves the website owner money for not having to purchase a SSL certificate for hundreds of dollars.

Macromedia Flash Design

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